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CourseCodeFormatDate TimeDurationLocationInstructorCredits / PDUPricehf:tax: formathf:tax: locationhf:tax: instructor
AccountingA1001LLive8 weeks20 Lower Main Street, Morrisville, Uinon Bank, VermontMelissa G.3$450.00
Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs (powered by MindEdge)M1360SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$129.00
Accounting Fundamentals for Small Business (powered by MindEdge)M1366SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
Accounting, FinancialC1131GLGuided Learning6 monthsBrooke L.3$450.00
Accounting, GeneralC1000GLGuided Learning6 monthsTanya K.3$450.00
Accounting, GeneralA1000ILOInstructor Led Online11/09/202016 weeksOnline3$625.00
Accounting, GeneralA1000ILOInstructor Led Online07/20/202016 weeksOnline3$625.00
Achieving Unclaimed Property Compliance Best Practices for Banking IndustryT1177SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$295.00
An Admin's Guide to Travel (Free)C1341SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline1/4$0.00
Analyzing Bank PerformanceA1001ILOInstructor Led Online09/14/20207 WeeksOnline$890.00
Assertiveness SkillsH5224SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Automated Clearing House (ACH)O1552SPSelf Paced60 minOnline1/4$109.00
Balancing PrioritiesH1061SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Bank Marketing: Building Customers RelationshipsA1003SPSelf Paced12 minOnline$55.00
Bank Solutions Provider CertificateA1005SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline$495.00
Bank Teller CertificateA1006SPSelf Paced13 hoursOnline$695.00
Banking Basics SuiteA1002SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$595.00
Banking Customer Service Experience CertificateO5048SPSelf Paced14 hoursOnline$910.00
Banking Fundamentals 1: The Banking Industry (Principles of Banking 1)A1010ILOInstructor Led Online09/08/20204 weeksOnline1$215.00
Banking Fundamentals 1: The Banking Industry (Principles of Banking 1)A1010ILOInstructor Led Online07/06/20204 weeksOnline1$215.00
Banking Fundamentals 2: Bank Lines of Business (Principles of Banking 2)A1008ILOInstructor Led Online10/12/20204 weeksOnline1$215.00
Banking Fundamentals 3: Building Customer Relationships (Principles of Banking 3)A1009ILOInstructor Led Online08/03/20204 weeksOnline1$215.00
Banking Fundamentals 3: Building Customer Relationships (Principles of Banking 3)A1009ILOInstructor Led Online11/30/20204 weeksOnline1$215.00
Banking Fundamentals Bundle (The Banking Industry, Bank Lines of Business and Building Customer Relationships) (Principles of Banking)A1007BILOInstructor Led OnlineSee Courses12 WeeksOnline3$595.00
Banking TodayC1011GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/2$245.00
Banking Today WebcourseC1011WCWebcourse10/6/20 & 10/13/20 6-8:30pm2 nightsOnlineLynn A.1/2$245.00
Banks and Personal Wealth ManagementA1012SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Banks and the Deposit FunctionA1013SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Banks and the EconomyA1014SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Banks as a BusinessA1015SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Basic Administrative Duties of a TrusteeA1016ILOInstructor Led Online09/28/20205 weeksOnline$300.00
Body Language for Women in BusinessM1866SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Branch Manager Bootcamp Certificate: The Evolving Role of the Branch ManagerC1017BLInstructor Led Online1/27, 2/24, 3/24 & 4/21, 2021 9am-Noon4 daysOnlineJennie S.2$800.00
Branch Manager Bootcamp Certificate: The Evolving Role of the Branch ManagerC1017BL2Instructor Led Online5/26, 6/23, 7/21 & 8/25/2021 9am-Noon4 daysJennie S.2$800.00
Branch Manager Bootcamp Certificate: The Evolving Role of the Branch ManagerC1017BL3Instructor Led Online9/1, 10/6, 11/3 & 12/1/2021 9am-Noon4 daysJennie S.2$800.00
Branch Manager CertificateA1022SPSelf Paced14 hoursOnline$1,295.00
Budgeting and Financial Analysis for Small Business (powered by MindEdge)M1367SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
Building a Fast Growing Business CertificateM1556SPSelf Paced18 hoursOnline1/2$399.00
Business and International Banking ServicesA1023SPSelf Paced12 minOnline$55.00
Business Law for Entrepreneurs (powered by MindEdge)M1361SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$129.00
Business MathC1128GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Business Telephone SkillsH1333SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Business Telephone SkillsH1333LMLive10/20/2020 & 10/27/2020 6-8:30pm2 nights4 Center Street, Machais, Machias Savings Bank, MaineWendy S.1/4$245.00
Calling on Small Business CustomersA1025SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Certificate in Bank Financial ManagementA1028SPSelf PacedOnline$2,195.00
Certificate in Business Communication (MindEdge)M1029SPSelf Paced25 hoursOnline1$299.00
Certificate in Data Analytics (MindEdge)M1131SPSelf Paced30 hoursOnline2$399.00
Certificate in Digital Marketing (MindEdge)M1030SPSelf Paced30 hoursOnline2$549.00
Certificate in Emergency Management (powered by MindEdge)M1369SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1/2$199.00
Certificate in Entrepreneurship (powered by MindEdge)M1359SPSelf Paced25 hoursOnline2$599.00
Certificate in Foundational Bank MarketingA1064SPSelf Paced21 hoursOnline$1,195.00
Certificate in Fraud PreventionA1031SPSelf PacedOnline$795.00
Certificate in Human Resource Management (MindEdge)M1200SPSelf Paced21 hoursOnline1$399.00
Certificate in Non-Profit Management (MindEdge)M1130SPSelf Paced44 hoursOnline2$699.00
Certificate in Small Business Management (powered by MindEdge)M1365SPSelf Paced13 hoursOnline1.3$277.00
Certificate in Trust 1: FoundationalA1034SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline$1,495.00
Certificate in Trust 2: IntermediateA1035SPSelf Paced18 hoursOnline$2,295.00
Certificate in Trust 3: AdvancedA1036SPSelf Paced14 hoursOnline$2,295.00
Certified Modern Banking Representative (with Exam) powered by MindEdgeM5061SPSelf Paced18 hours2$499.00
Certified Modern Banking Representative ExamC0001EXSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$100.00
Certified Modern Branch Professional - Level I ExamC0002EXSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$100.00
Certified Modern Branch Professional - Level II ExamC0003EXSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$100.00
Communicating Collaboratively (MindEdge)M1037SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Communication Basics SuiteA1038SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Creative Problem SolvingH1032SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Creativity in Teams and Organizations (MindEdge)M1044SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Credit Union Member Service Experience CertificateO5049SPSelf Paced14 hoursOnline$910.00
Critical Thinking SkillsH1345SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Cultural ComptencyH1346SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Customer Service Representative CertificateA1046SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline$795.00
Deposit Accounts & ServicesC1048GLGuided Learning6 monthsAndrew L.2$350.00
Developing Positive Work RelationshipsH1348SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Diversity AwarenessH1050SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Diversity AwarenessH1050GLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1/2$245.00
Do You Know Who Your Competitors Really Are? Is Your Financial Institution Competing with FinTech?A1334SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$210.00
Do You Know Who Your Competitors Really Are? Is Your Financial Institution Competing with FinTech?A1334SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$210.00
EconomicsA1051GLGuided Learning6 monthsBrooke L.3$450.00
Effective Business Writing (MindEdge)M1053SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$99.00
Effective Emails, Memos and Letters (MindEdge)M1054SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Effective Presentations (MindEdge)M1055SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$99.00
Effective Public Speaking (MindEdge)M1052SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$99.00
Effective Referrals SuiteA1056SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Elder Financial ExploitationA1063SPSelf Paced25 minOnline$55.00
Essential Selling Skills BundleA1057SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$195.00
Ethical Issues for BankersA1058SPSelf Paced25 minOnline$55.00
Ethics in the WorkplaceH1059SPSelf Paced25 minOnline1/4$60.00
Event NetworkingA1060SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Everything DiSC Workplace Course Workshop (Teams and Organizations)C1062LLiveCall to Schedule 9:00AM-4:00PMFull DayCynthia S.1/2$350.00
Everything DISC Workplace Individual AssessmentC1061SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$80.00
Fighting Fraud: Top 10 Scams Targeting Our Nation's Seniors (2020) - FREEC1063SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$0.00
Financial Elder AbuseC1063GLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1/4$200.00
Financial Planning and Control (MindEdge)M1220SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Frauds, Scams and ConsC1065BGLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1$300.00
Fundamentals of Chat Writing - FREEC1340SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline1/4$0.00
Future of Business, TheCA1071ILOInstructor Led Online08/31/202012 WeeksOnline3$645.00
Growing Small Business Relationships SuiteA1112SPSelf Paced30 minOnline$95.00
Handling Workplace ConflictH1062SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Handling Workplace ConflictH1062GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/4$200.00
Handling Workplace Conflict WebcourseH1062WCWebcourseStarting 10/21/20 & 10/28/2020 - 6-8:30pm 2 nightsOnlineDiane A.1/2$245.00
How To Make Yourself IndispensibleH1349SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
How to Read a Financial Statement (MindEdge)M1221SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Compensation and Benefits (MindEdge)M1211SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Data and Human Resource Management (MindEdge)M1212SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Employee Rights (MindEdge)M1213SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Employee Safety (OSHA) (MindEdge)M1214SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Employee Selection (MindEdge)M1215SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Equal Employment Opportunity (MindEdge)M1216SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Introduction to Human Resource Management (MindEdge)M1217SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Performance Management (MindEdge)M1218SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR - Talent Management and Career Development (MindEdge)M1219SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
HR Ethics Series CertificateM1555SPSelf Paced15 hoursOnline1/2$259.00
HR Hot Topic: Buzzworthy BenefitsM1560SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Diversity and Inclusion in the WorkplaceM1561SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Employee ClassificationM1562SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Flexible Work ArrangementsM1563SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Handling Workplace ViolenceM1564SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Marijuana and the WorkplaceM1564SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Pay EquityM1566SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Promoting Employee Well-BeingM1567SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: Recruiting Multi-generational EmployeesM1568SPSelf Paced1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
HR Hot Topic: The Future of WorkM1569SPself1 1/2 hours1/4$39.00
Human RelationsC1073GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Human Resource ManagementC1099GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Increasing Your Financial IntelligenceH5225SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Innovation in Teams and Organizations (MindEdge)M1075SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Introduction to BankingA1077SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Introduction to Business Analysis Certificate (powered by MindEdge)M1554SPSelf Paced25 hoursOnline2$599.00
Introduction to Business Statistics (MindEdge)M1222SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Introduction to Critical Thinking (MindEdge)M1078SPSelf Paced7 hoursOnline1/2$95.00
Introduction to Data Analysis (powered by MindEdge)M1333SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Introduction to Data Analysis (powered by MindEdge)M1333SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (powered by MindEdge)M1362SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$129.00
Introduction to Finance (MindEdge)M1223SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Introduction to Trust Products & ServicesA1079ILOInstructor Led Online07/27/20205 weeksOnline$300.00
Leadership and Management for Entrepreneurs (powered by MindEdge)M1362SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$129.00
Legal Foundations in BankingA1080GLGuided Learning01/00/19006 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Legal Foundations in BankingA1080ILOInstructor Led Online09/14/202010 weeksOnline$700.00
Making the Client Call SuiteA1081SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Managing Funding, Liquidity and CapitalA1082ILOInstructor Led Online06/08/20206 weeksOnline$875.00
Managing Interest Rate RiskA1083ILOInstructor Led Online11/02/20208 weeksOnline$875.00
Managing the Bank's Investment PortfolioA1084ILOInstructor Led Online08/03/20205 weeksOnline$875.00
Managing Your Time at WorkH1350SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
MarketingC7740GLGuided Learning6 monthsAndrew L.3$450.00
Marketing in a Digital World BundleA1085BSPSelf Paced7.5 hoursOnline$599.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Build Your CampaignA1086SPSelf Paced45 minOnline$129.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Digital CampaignsA1087SPSelf Paced3.5 hoursOnline$299.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Find Your AudienceA1088SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$129.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Leveraging LinkedInA1089SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$129.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Search Engine OptimizationA1090SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$129.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Social CampaignsA1091SPSelf Paced4 hoursOnline$299.00
Marketing in a Digital World: Strategic TwitterA1092SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$129.00
Marketing in a Digital World: The Power of FacebookA1093SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$129.00
Marketing in BankingA1094ILOInstructor Led Online01/13/20204 weeksOnline$300.00
Marketing ManagementA1095ILOInstructor Led Online10/26/20204 weeksOnline$300.00
Marketing PlanningA1096ILOInstructor Led Online08/17/20204 weeksOnline$300.00
Meeting Minutes That MatterC1778SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
Mentoring FundamentalsH5212SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Money and BankingA1074GLGuided Learning6 monthsBrooke L.3$450.00
Money and BankingA1074ILOInstructor Led Online11/02/202016 weeksOnline$550.00
Non-Profit Advanced Grant WritingM1557SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline1/2$159.00
Organizational Behavior CertificateH1100SPSelf Paced4 monthsTammy P.2$300.00
Overcoming Objections SuiteA1100SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Payment Systems - Emerging ProductsA1301SPSelf Paced40 minOnline1/4$275.00
Payment Systems - TrendsA1302SPSelf Paced40 minOnline1/4$275.00
Personal Banker CertificateA1101SPSelf Paced13 hoursOnline$795.00
Principles of BankingA1370LVTLiveStarting 9/1/2020 5:30-8:30pm for 8 weeks8 weeks20 Lower Main Street, Morrisville, Union Bank, VermontJessi J.3$450.00
Principles of BankingA1370GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Principles of BankingA1370LLiveStarts 10/22/2020 6-8:30PM for 8 Weeks8 weeks4 Center Street, Machias, Machias Savings Bank, MaineWendy S.3$450.00
Principles of Banking WebcourseA1370WCWebcourseStarts 10/1/20 for 8 weeks 6-8:30pm8 weeksOnlineCynthia S.3$450.00
Principles of Scrum (MindEdge)M1226SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1$299.00
Productive Work HabitsH1351SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Professional Communication Certificate: Part 5 Communicate with Confidence, Comfort and ConvictionC1043LLive4/14/22021 & 4/28/2021 8:30am-4:00pm2 daysMaine, New GloucesterLee Ann S.1/4$425.00
Professional in Human Resources (PHR) - Exam Prep Course (MindEdge)M1220SPSelf Paced25 hoursOnline1$349.00
Quality Service (formerly Customer Service)C1045GLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1/2$245.00
Referring Insurance and Annuity ClientsA1102SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Referring Investment ClientsA1103SPSelf Paced35 minOnline$95.00
Referring Trust ClientsA1104SPSelf Paced40 minOnline$95.00
Relationship Sales for Small Business Clients SuiteA1106SPSelf Paced60 minOnline$135.00
Relationship Sales SuiteA1105SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
ResilienceH1352SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Retirement Products for Small BusinessesA1107SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$95.00
Robbery and Bank SecurityA1109SPSelf Paced45 minOnline$95.00
Safeguarding Bank Assets and the NationA1111SPSelf Paced12 minOnline$55.00
Safeguarding the Customer and the BankA1127SPSelf Paced12 minOnline$55.00
Small Business Banker CertificateA1113SPSelf Paced19 hoursOnline$495.00
Small Business BasicsA1114SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Small Business Marketing (powered by MindEdge)M1368SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Small Business Operating and Life CyclesA1115SPSelf Paced25 minOnline$55.00
Small Business Products SuiteA1049SPSelf Paced30 minOnline1/4$135.00
Social Media and Digital Security: Emerging Threat LandscapeA1335SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$95.00
Social Media at Work: Reap the Rewards and Avoid the RisksSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Speak with Confidence (powered by MindEdge)M1133SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/2$25.00
Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization (MindEdge)M1201SPSelf Paced4 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
StatisticsC1117GLGuided Learning6 monthsBrooke L.3$450.00
Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs (powered by MindEdge)M1364SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$129.00
Strategic Planning FundamentalsH1354SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Tele-ConsultingA1118SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Teller Basics SuiteA1120SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline$150.00
The Business of ListeningH1355SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Time Value of Money and Risk (MindEdge)M1224SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Today's Essential Workforce Skills Certificate BundleH1772SPSelf Paced12 hoursOnline1/2$200.00
Today's TellerA1119GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.2$350.00
Today's Workplace Certificate BundleH1771SPSelf Paced12 hoursOnline1/2$250.00
Understanding and Managing Budgets (MindEdge)M1225SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Understanding Banking ProductsC1122GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.1/2$245.00
Understanding Business Bank Products SuiteA1128SPSelf Paced41 MinutesOnline1/4$135.00
Understanding Consumer Bank ProductsA1129SPSelf Paced65 MinutesOnline$175.00
Understanding Generational DifferencesH1356SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Universal Banker CertificateA1123SPSelf Paced9 hoursOnline$795.00
Verbal Communication Suite (Telephone Skills)A1124SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Video Conference EtiquetteN1371ILOInstructor Led OnlineCall to Schedule1 hourOnline1/4$55.00
What Exactly are Payments and Why Do I Need a Payment Strategy?A1336SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$235.00
Why Quality Customer Service Matters SuiteA1125SPSelf Paced35 minOnline$95.00
Why We Struggle with Tough DecisionsH1357SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Wire TransfersO1553SPSelf Paced45 minOnline1/4$109.00
Working Effectively with Co-Workers WebcourseC1011WCWebcourse11/3/20 & 11/10/20 6-8:30pm2 nightsOnlineJessica B.1/2$245.00
Working TogetherH1358SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Written CommunicationC1865GLGuided Learning6 monthsSusan A.3$450.00
Written Communication Suite (Email)A1126SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Your Role as a New BankerC1777SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
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