Speaking for Success with Impact and Authority


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Get honest feedback to make real and lasting change

Would you like a course personalized to your speaking goals and to help you reach change with your communication?

The importance of developing effective public speaking and communication skills cannot be overstated in the modern career landscape. Public speaking and communication skills are essential to success in any profession, as they enable you to articulate yourself clearly and confidently in professional settings. They are also invaluable tools for networking and building relationships in the workplace. To build confidence in your public speaking and communication, it is important to practice regularly, set realistic goals and ask for feedback. It can also help to join a group or take classes to learn more about effective communication and public speaking techniques. Working with a dedicated instructor who can provide oneonone feedback and guidance can give you a powerful advantage. Case studies can also help to develop your public speaking and communication skills and manage communication apprehension. With the right guidance and dedication, you can develop the skills you need to succeed in any career.

If you can get better at communication, you build trust faster, you influence the opinion of direction quicker and people are acting towards whatever that outcome is.

Improving one‘s speaking abilities can open up a world of opportunities. Effective communication is the key to successful relationships and career advancement. It can help to build relationships, create a better image, and make an impact on the world. A person with improved speaking abilities will be better able to express their thoughts and ideas, which can lead to better networking opportunities, higher salaries, and increased job satisfaction. Additionally, improved public speaking skills can help to reduce stress, boost confidence, and increase selfesteem.

This course is designed to dramatically improve students’ natural speaking style. Fluency is the goal for students who take this course. This will be accomplished by using foundational building activities to increase fluency and confidence while providing extensive one-on-one teacher-student feedback to build accuracy and support. Students have the ability to book a 30-minute session with the instructor at a time and place of their choosing over Zoom.


  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Communication Apprehension Assessment
  • Key Points to Speaking for Success
  • Reflections
  • Speaking for Success Affirmations
  • Speaking for Success Checklist
  • Speaking for Success eBook
  • Video content


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