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Designed for any entry to mid-level bankers.

This class is an introduction to the way banks operate. It will help you understand the important role banks play in the U.S. Economy, and how they function as a business. Several diagrams and charts lend helpful clarity to important banking concepts.

Contents include the Fundamentals of Banking

  • Employee Attributes
  • Customer Groups
  • Community Involvement
  • The Economy and Banking
  • The Future of Banking
  • The Business of Banking
  • Organization in a Banking Business
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Safeguarding Banking Assets

After successfully completing this class, you should be able to:
• Identify the major customer segments served by banks and their primary needs
• Describe the major products and services offered by banks
• Discuss how banks make money and the factors that influence bank profitability
• Describe the primary regulations and governmental agencies affecting banks
• Discuss some of the major changes occurring in the financial services industry
• Understand the source of today’s competitive pressures in financial services
• Describe the organizational structures of banks and learn the importance your position makes to the overall success of the bank

Award Application and Career Pathing

This course applies to the following awards:


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