Frontline Fundamentals



This course has been fully redesigned and updated to provide those new to the banking industry to gain confidence and knowledge around key concepts needed to succeed in a banking career.

This program focuses on a critical real-world exploration of skills needed for frontline employees to start a promising career in the banking industry.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
➢ Define the changing role of frontline employees in the modern world
➢ Define performance standards and employee expectations for frontline employees.
➢ Understand the importance of responsible cash handling and potential cash fraud.
➢ Summarize the importance of handling checks, and dealing with potential fraud, as well as negotiability, acceptability, endorsements, and identification.
➢ Demonstrate a high level appropriate reactions of personal and professional security-related issues.
➢ Demonstrate quality customer service
➢ List the steps to being an effective communicator
➢ Mobile and Online Banking
➢ Processing Transactions: CTRs, SARs, Treasurer’s Checks, Money Orders, Deposits, and more!



Code: C1119GL
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