Learning Formats

Instructor Led Online
Subject matter expert instructors guide learning outcomes and support. The instructor is available to answer questions and provide feedback on your assignments. Each week you will receive an assignment over the Internet. The assignments may include reading a chapter in your text, completing an assignment to post on the discussion board, taking a self-check test, or collaborating with other students using discussion boards and email.


Guided Learning (formerly Assisted Self Study)
If you find attending live classes difficult with your busy schedule and family obligations, and online training is not your preference, Guided Learning is a powerful option. For each Guided Learning class you will be required to study on your own; however, you will have an instructor available to assist with material. Upon registering for a Guided Learning class you will receive the class material within two weeks including an introduction letter, a syllabus and instructions for working through and completing your chosen class.


Live and In-House
Live and In-House training options provide face-to-face access to the instructor as well as fellow learners. Instructors are subject matter experts that support a format that allows for active discussion and material exploration related to challenges in today’s ever-changing business world. Students attend in-person at a specified location, time and while connecting with fellow learners in their field. Sessions are held at various locations throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Virginia!


On Demand
On Demand training allows you to control and schedule your course at a time that is convenient to you. Courses start the beginning of every month, have access to virtual office hours with an instructor, contain expert video content and the latest engagement tools to keep your learning active and fun. The demands of daily life and a career require flexible choices that complement professional development and educational career paths. On Demand is a new and exciting choice for students in today’s busy world.


Self-Paced e-Learning
Self-Paced e-Learning topics that provide high flexibility for busy students while balancing a high quality experience. These programs include a mixture of instruction, case studies, assessments, exercises, videos, engaged learning structures and job aids. The topics covered are relevant in an ever-changing business environment. Self-Paced e-Learning content is delivered in partnership with ABA, Ascensus, HRDQ, MindEdge and OnCourse (formerly Bankers Edge). All our partners have earned national recognition, customer loyalty and an unmatched reputation for engagement and results in thelearning and development field.


Various seminars are conducted throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Virginia. Seminars allow for live, small group discussions on focused topics in business and professional development. Instructors are subject matter experts and provide key insights into professional growth in highly specialized topics.


Webcourse options combine the personal interaction of a live class with the convenience of attending a class anywhere you have an Internet and phone connection. With a set date and time, students interact by preparing homework assignments for classroom discussion and reviewing instructor materials discussed with the class. Through engaged learning, students participate in “classroom” discussions and ask instructor questions. Finish the class in fewer sessions earning the same credits as comparable Live class options.


CFTEA’s partnership with Total Training Solutions allows access to a large variety of training programs and subject matter experts for financial institutions of all sizes in the area of compliance, IRAs, teller skills, credit analysts, security and operations. This type of training program combines the clarity of a conference call with the interactions and visual presentation online. With a speakerphone and projector, an entire room of attendees can participate at the same low cost. If an internet connection is not available, students may participate by listening to the program over the telephone and following along with written materials.  Unable to attend at the scheduled time? Programs are available for playback at a time that convenient for organizations and their employees. View all of the topics available on our website.

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