Spotlight on Success: Steven Hebert

Spotlight On Success:  Steven Hebert Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank “The Certified Modern Banking Representative suite of courses was the perfect path to jump-start my banking career. All information included in the certification is relevant to my duties as a Teller and Customer Service Representative and only strengthened the banking knowledge I had prior to the course. It’s definitely increased my confidence at work and dealing with customers. I can explain why things are the way they are a bit more


Celebrating the First Year of Our New Website!

Changing to provide a stronger experience for our students and supporters is always a key focus at CFTEA.   We are celebrating one year with our new website   Our new site has allowed: Fully searchable course catalog Fully linked course descriptions to courses Fully linked certificates, certifications and diplomas Interactive career paths Integrated course and textbook purchase with invoicing Course and textbook tracking and more!   Thank you for your continued feedback and engagement as we navigate the future!


Spotlight on Success: Pam Veilleux

Pam Veilleux at Norway Savings Bank Student Awards Banquet Speaker This year, our student awards banquets went virtual to ensure the safety of all our graduates and supporters. At our June 10 virtual student awards banquet, student speaker Pam Veilleux from Norway Savings Bank shared her personal experience on how she has benefited from career development through our non-profit. “I have worked at Norway Savings Bank for a combined total of twenty-eight years.  Thirty years ago, this coming September, I


Managing E-Mails from CFTEA

      We are helping manage your inbox! The number one piece of feedback to CFTEA is too many e-mails. To assist, we have requested that our webinar vendor no longer send e-mails on our behalf. All webinars are still available and may be found at our web￾site—we just won’t be sending you seven or more emails daily! Our webinars, including free ones, updated monthly are found here. As of this posting, our CFTEA office only sends students a


Fall 2020 Livestream Webcourses Offer Safety and Convenience

Spotlight:  Livestream Webcourses Getting the opportunity to learn in an online, education environment is one of the best experiences. Using today’s technology, we are able to provide you the high-quality, online experience that can be completed from the safety and comfort of your own home. During our live stream (webcourse) classes, you will be able to interact with our expert instructors and participate in your online learning community. To participate in our live stream (webcourse) classes, students will need a


COVID-19 Update and Summer/Fall 2020 Semester

COVID-19 Update: The majority of our coursework is 100% online to protect our instructors and students. Any live classes maintain appropriate social distancing and locations with CDC cleaning standards.   This semester continues to see changes in education approaches from grades school to college. CFTEA is prepare to help you continue your career goals uninterrupted.   Check out our Summer-Fall 2020 Catalog for the latest offerings!


Student Awards Banquet Spotlighter 2019-2020

This year was very different -focusing on health and safety yet still working to recognize the hard work and dedication of students and their supportive employers.  For the first time in our history, we conducted digital student awards banquets on Zoom.  The energy and positive feedback allowed for a focus on some good news – when 2020 has been more than a challenge for everyone. A huge thank you to all our supporters who are providing key focus on our


Instructor Spotlight On Success: Nancy Hines

Nancy Hines Mortgage Sales Trainer, Learning and Development Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Many organizations faced with the dilemma of COVID-19 and training remotely simply have done away with training for the present, as they don’t offer online or remote classes for training purposes. When local instructors were not available to teach for NH Mutual Bancorp, Nancy was brought in as a seasoned distance learning instructor.  This type of remote instruction has allowed students access to quality educators – without a


CFTEA Fall 2020 Catalog Released!

Our Fall 2020 catalog has been updated and includes an easy to read format, hyperlinks within the document to take readers to course descriptions and additional information directly on our website and highlights upcoming options for safe, distance learning. Looking for a specific course?  Search our website for course names, types and locations in our extensive library to find the latest descriptions and updates. Get the latest information on: New Educational Career Paths Certified Modern Banking Representative (updated Certified Teller)

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