FedNow 101: What to Know Now About FedNow


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Join us for this informative webinar exploring the Federal Reserve Banks’ innovative instant payment service, FedNow®. Discover how this service is transforming the banking industry with immediate funds transfers and 24/7 accessibility, and learn about its implications for the future of payments.

OnDemand Webinar includes 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials, and Handouts. Access Upgrades are available.

Learn how FedNow® is transforming the payments industry with its innovative instant service, enabling immediate funds transfer and round-the-clock accessibility. The Payments Professor will take you through FedNow’s features, benefits, and potential implications for the financial industry and beyond.

From understanding the basics of the technology behind FedNow® to its impact on payment speed and efficiency, the Professor will address all your questions and equip you with the insights to navigate the future of instant payments.

Whether you’re a bank executive, a FinTech enthusiast, or merely curious about the latest trends in banking and finance, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge and perspective.

Register today and be part of this educational journey to understand how FedNow® is poised to redefine the real-time payments ecosystem.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the concept behind FedNow® and the technology that powers real-time payments.
  • Discover the advantages of FedNow®, including immediate funds transfer and 24/7/365 availability.
  • Learn about the potential impact of FedNow® on the existing financial ecosystem through multiple use cases.
  • Gain insights into how FedNow® enhances user experience with instant payment confirmations.
  • Explore the basics security features incorporated in FedNow® to ensure secure and reliable transactions.
  • Understand the role of FedNow® in facilitating interbank instant settlement.
  • Examine the opportunities and challenges that FedNow® service presents for financial institutions.
  • Discuss the potential for future developments and innovations in the real-time payments space with FedNow®.

Who Should Attend

C-suite executives, Transaction Banking Professionals, Digital Strategy Professionals, Risk Management Departments, Compliance Officers, IT Departments, Innovation and Product Development Teams, and Training and Development Departments.

Each of these roles would gain valuable insights into the FedNow® service and the potential impact it could have on their operations.

Kevin Olsen

Instructor Bio

Kevin Olsen is the Payments Professor bringing enthusiasm and motivation to presentations. Viewing the world as a classroom which is exemplified in the professor’s “edutainment” (when education is motivating, informative, and fun) style of training as he seeks to educate and inform all on the latest developments and trends in the fascinating world of electronic payments Kevin develops programs, presentations, and articles designed to orient and educate financial professionals on a multitude of electronic payment topics. Kevin is also a certified business coach helping lead organizations to innovate and communicate in the ever-changing world of payments, including building of payment strategies with a focus on product development and use cases for faster payments (RTP & FedNow).

Among his many certifications, Kevin is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP), an Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP), an NCP (National Check Payments Certification) as well as an NCP Certified Trainer and a Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC), and holds a masters in industrial organizational psychology from Liberty University.

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