Certificate in Trust Administration


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Duration  4 hours, 55 minutes


8 courses | 3:30min | Credits: 7 CTFA, 2.75 CSOP, 1.5 CCTS, 0.75 CRSP

Explore the requirements to create a trust, common types of personal trusts, account acceptance and termination considerations, and factors to consider in making discretionary distributions. Learn about the scope of a trustee’s duty of authority, typical trust guidance and common discretionary standards to make sound discretionary decisions. Discover preliminary matters relating to guardian administration, including responsibilities in estate asset inventory and asset management and closing a guardianship/conservatorship, and how a special needs trust can protect current or anticipated family funds without jeopardizing government benefits.

Courses include:

  • Trust Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Trust Administration
  • Duties and Powers of the Trustee
  • Types of Trusts
  • Discretionary Distributions
  • Account Acceptance and Termination
  • Estate and Probate Administration
  • Special Needs Trusts
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