Certificate in Fraud Prevention


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Fraud management professionals face an increased burden to detect and prevent fraud losses against customers and their institution. The ABA Certificate in Fraud Prevention fills a training gap within many institutions and helps both new and experienced financial crimes professionals establish and maintain a fraud management program with sufficient internal and external controls. It provides in-depth training on the applicable U.S. laws and regulations governing fraud and an overview of the various types of criminal behavior commonly used against banks.

The ABA Certificate in Fraud Prevention is an excellent refresher for experienced financial crimes professionals who wish to take the Certified Fraud and AML Professional (CAFP) exam, and may be required for those individuals with less than five years’ experience in the field.

Required Courses
• Introduction to Fraud Management: An overview of fraud-related regulations, the key pillars of a fraud prevention program and what makes the program successful or unsuccessful

• Establishing a Fraud Prevention Program: A discussion of the components required to start a fraud prevention program, including elements of fraud reporting and what considerations to take regarding risk management

• Types of Fraud and Prevention Strategies: An explanation of ACH transactions and a financial institution’s related responsibility, including wire fraud, card fraud, ATM fraud, mortgage fraud, as well as the associated risks and challenges

• Operating a Fraud Prevention Program: A description of how fraud operations are designed and maintained, including trend analysis, defect analysis, and the components of fraud response and recovery opportunities

• Maintaining a Compliant Fraud Prevention Program: An overview of the laws and regulations that affect fraud prevention programs, and
training and education that relate to fraud strategy


The estimated time to complete these 5 courses is approximately 5 hrs and 20min.



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