Meeting Minutes That Matter



Meeting Minutes That Matter  – Course Code C1778SP

Are you responsible for taking minutes for a non-profit or other business meetings?

Meeting Minutes That Matter guides you through the entire process of minute taking: arranging the meeting; writing the agenda; creating the optimum environment; structuring the meeting and writing notes up accurately. The often misunderstood role of minute-taker is one of the most important and powerful in a meeting, and this book will help you excel at this crucial skill, allowing you to build your career and credibility.

Minutes are usually something asked of someone and little to no training is required.  When minutes become part of the legal part of an organization, what can be done to ensure they are done accurately and with appropriate follow up actions recorded.

Meeting Minutes That Matter provides hands-on advice about the sections of a meeting as well as tips on how to create an agenda, personal preparation, best practice advice on taking notes and how to improve your accuracy. Fully updated for 2020, this edition now features even more practical exercises, useful templates, and top tips, as well as guidance on using technology effectively and minutes for different types of meetings.

Code: C1778SP
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