Legal Foundations in Banking GL


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Legal Foundations in Banking teaches the underlying legal structure for conducting the business of banking. It gives bankers the range of key requirements affecting banks as well as core language that must be understood. The course provides critical legal information about banking that every banker should know.  Formerly Law & Banking.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic foundation for transaction processing and deposits
  • Identify the key areas that encompass the legal risks banks face
  • Provide a foundation for determining safety and soundness requirements to protect the bank
  • Establish a framework for sound practices and understanding of financial transactions and their requirements


This is a foundation course in the legal structure and basis for commercial banking, designed for new bankers, banking managers, or those transacting business directly with customers.


Award Application and Career Pathing 

Legal Foundations in Banking applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:


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