Certificate in Core Concepts and Ethics for Fiduciary Advisors


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Duration 3 hours, 15 minutes


2 Certificates | 7 courses | 3:15min | Credits: 4.5 CTFA, 3.5 CFP, 3.25 CRSP, 2.75 CCTS, 2 CSOP

This certificate program is designed to accelerate onboarding of professionals moving into fiduciary-based advisory roles.

Learn and apply essential fiduciary principles—including wealth planning, investment management and account administration—with this set of courses designed to accelerate new advisors’ readiness to work directly with wealth clients in a fiduciary capacity. Courses on ethics, fiduciary risk and compliance responsibilities cover responses to common client situations, as well as strategies for working with a team that includes non-fiduciary advisors.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Integrated Planning and Advice
  • Introduction to Investment Management
  • Trust Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Fiduciary Risk Management and Compliance
  • Understanding Fiduciary Principles
  • Applying Fiduciary Principles and Ethics
  • Fiduciary Ethics


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