VNB – Tier Three Semester Classes


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This special product created for VNB’s College Program – Commercial Banking/Staff Development Program (Commercial Banking Certificate) consists of the following courses:

  • Security Awareness Self Paced
  • Verbal Communication Guided Learning
  • Consumer Lending Guided Learning
  • Economics Guided Learning
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal Guided Learning
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process Self Paced

Provide the ship to address for books in the Notes section of the order along with VNB’s start date of the program. Each course is available for completion for six months unless a different end date is specially requested in the Notes section of the order. For processing, textbooks will not be charged sales tax until the invoice is sent at the end of the month.

Price includes Virginia Sales Tax for physical textbooks of $36.00

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