What CFTEA Courses Are Required for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a Banking Major?

The following CFTEA courses are required for completion for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a Banking Major. (Click Course Titles for Details and Pricing)


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  1. Complete required CFTEA courses to work toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a Banking Major or

  2. Transfer courses into any St. Joseph’s Degree Program

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Not sure what you have taken?  Request a transcript from the CFTEA today to start the process and find out what courses you’ve taken with an informal transcript and take steps to complete CFTEA courses that can help you gain your degree faster and in many cases with the financial assistance of your organization. The CFTEA office can provide needed direction on what courses to take next to work toward your goal.

How Can CFTEA Help You Gain Accessible College Credits for Transfer Into St. Joseph’s College?


What CFTEA Courses Can I Transfer In Toward Any Degree? (Up to 90 credits)

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Contact Saint Joseph’s College Online Admissions by calling 1-800-752-4723, texting 207-893-7841, or emailing [email protected]. An admissions counselor would be happy to help.



Looking for information on continuing with a Masters Degree?

St. Joseph’s collaboration for bankers represents a concept that was way ahead of its time from the start and the fact that we have kept pace with changes to ensure continued relevance is something all can appreciate.    

A couple of interesting points:

  1. Undergraduate students can “fast-track” into the MBA program by taking select graduate courses as undergraduate electives.

  2. The LMBA is appropriate for anyone with a bachelor’s degree (no undergraduate business degree required).

Your SJC admissions counselor will be able to provide information about potential partnership discounts for your institution. Your CFTEA Contact for the Saint Joseph’s College program is [email protected]


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