Verbal Communication Suite (Telephone Skills)


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20 minutes for Telephone Experience

This suite of three courses* explores tactics for creating memorable customer interactions, from initial greeting to conclusion, whether in-person or over the phone. Completing this suite provides best practices to create positive customer service experiences. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.
*Only available as a suite

• Effective Conversation
Guides you through the elements of an effective conversation. Learn best practices for using a customer’s name, choosing your words thoughtfully, and allowing the customer to respond. See how to effectively conclude a conversation by summarizing, answering final questions, and setting follow-up expectations.

• Greetings and Introductions
Guides you through a five-step process for delivering effective greetings. Explore the importance of setting an appropriate tone at the start of your conversations. Gain tips applying these techniques in-person or over the phone.

• Handling Customer Concerns
Guides you through building a positive connection with customers. Learn ways to help your conversation flow smoothly. Get tips for staying calm when a customer becomes upset.

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