Overcoming Objections Suite


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This suite of three courses and one exercise module* imparts skills for effectively responding to client questions and objections. Completing this suite provides best practices for completing the sales process and building client relationships. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.  *Only available as a suite

• Handling Client Questions
Guides you through appropriately responding to client questions using product knowledge. Explore how questions can be seen as a positive response to a recommendation.

• Responding to Client Objections
Guides you through the most common client objections to product and service recommendations. Explore how to anticipate potential objections and expertly respond. Discover the benefit of keeping informed about your competition.

• Closing and Following Up
Guides you through taking a consultative approach to closing and following up on a sale. Explore the “assumptive close” technique. Uncover ways to build client relationships with appropriate follow-ups.

• Overcoming Objections – Apply What You’ve Learned
Practice navigating client questions and objections to result in a successful sale.

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