Frauds, Scams and Cons


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This course is designed to give you an understanding of the various types of fraud, scams, and con games that are prevalent in the world today. By becoming familiar with these, you will be able to better protect your financial institution, you and your customers from becoming victims of fraud.

Frauds, scams and cons come in many forms; uninvited contact is received by email, letter, and telephone or in person making false promises to con victims out of money. There are many of these sorts of scams that change based on current situations, such as CO-VID.  However, there are underlying principles that can be applied to protect consumers and organizations from financial losses.  In the end, our neighbors and community organizations are negatively impacted financially, reputation-wise, emotionally and physically.  These courses cover a wide range of fraud topics normally covered in multiple training programs.

This certificate focuses on how consumers and employees of financial institutions can detect and protect fraud from impacting their communities and vulnerable adults.

New content just added that includes different types of cybercrimes, such as Ransomware, Corporate Account Takeover, and Wire/ACH Fraud.

Award Application and Career Pathing 

Frauds, Scams and Cons applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:


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