Leadership, Management and Supervisory

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CourseCodeFormatDate TimeDurationLocationInstructorCredits / PDUPricehf:tax: formathf:tax: locationhf:tax: instructor
A Manager's Guide - How to Coach (powered by MindEdge)M5001SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
A Manager's Guide to Artificial Intelligence (MindEdge)M5076SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
A Manager's Guide to Blockchain (MindEdge)M5077SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
A Manager's Guide to Business Ethics in the 21st Century (MindEdge)M5002SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1/2$249.00
A Manager's Guide to Handling Difficult Employee Behavior (MindEdge)M5004SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1/2$199.00
A Manager's Guide to Handling Workplace Conflict (MindEdge)M5009SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline1/2$99.00
A Manager's Guide to Information Technology (MindEdge)M5005SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1/2$199.00
A Manager's Guide to Managing People (MindEdge)M5006SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
A Manager's Guide to Negotiations (MindEdge)M5063SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
A Manager's Guide to Robotics (MindEdge)M5078SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
A Manager's Guide to Superior Customer Service (MindEdge)M5007SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
A Manager's Guide to Time Management (MindEdge)M5008SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Active Aggressor for ManagersA5010SPSelf Paced40 minOnline$95.00
Adapting Your Leadership StyleH5201SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Advanced Professional Development for Supervisors CertificateH5049SPSelf PacedOnline$300.00
Authentic LeadershipA5012SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Behavioral InterviewingH5202SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Body Language for Leaders (MindEdge)M5062SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Body Language for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5088SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Building Collaborative TeamsA5014SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5087SPSelf Paced23 hoursOnline2.3$499.00
Certified Modern ManagerC5090SPSelf PacedOnline$899.00
CoachingA5017SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Coaching for DevelopmentH5203SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Coaching to Support the Sales Process SuiteA5018SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Communicating VisionA5019SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Communication for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5089SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Corrective ActionA5020SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Creating Chemistry in TeamsH5204SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Current Issues Facing Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5090SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Delegating for GrowthH1347SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Developing Your Direct ReportsH5205SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Effective MeetingsA5021SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Emotional Intelligence for Managers (MindEdge)M5022SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Employee RecognitionA5023SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Employment LawA5024SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline$95.00
EmpowermentA5025SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Enhance Your Potential, Build Your Leadership Narrative CertificateC5030LWebcourse9/30/2020 9:00am - Noon2 weeksOnlineScott W.1/2$325.00
Essential Professional Development for Supervisors CertificateH5048SPSelf PacedOnline$200.00
Finance Essentials for Managers Certificate (MindEdge)M5061SPSelf Paced19 hoursOnline1$399.00
Handling Challenging Behaviors in the WorkplaceH5206SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
InterviewingA5027SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Introduction to Leadership (MindEdge)M5028SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Introduction to Leadership Certificate (MindEdge)M5015SPSelf Paced18 hoursOnline1$199.00
Leaders and Work-Life Balance (MindEdge)M5029SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Leadership and Management for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5091SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Leadership AssessmentM5333SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$99.00
Leadership FundamentalsH5207SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Leadership FundamentalsC5026GLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1/2$245.00
Leadership in Action SuiteA5031SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$195.00
Leading and Managing Change (MindEdge)M5032SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Leading Superior Project Teams (powered by MindEdge)M1129SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline1/4$20.00
Leading Teams (MindEdge)M5033SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Leading the Courtney Museum Simulation (MindEdge)M5074SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline1$399.00
Learning To ManageH5208SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Leveraging the Benefits of a Diverse WorkforceA5035SPSelf Paced55 minOnline$95.00
ManagementC5036GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Management Essentials SuiteA5037SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$275.00
Managing in a Modern Organization (MindEdge)M5045SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/2$79.00
Managing PerformanceA5046SPSelf Paced15 minOnline$55.00
Managing Remote EmployeesH5210SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Managing the Work of Your Direct ReportsH5209SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Managing UpH5211SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Meetings that WorkH6051SPSelf PacedOnline1/4$60.00
Meetings that WorkH5061GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/2$245.00
Millennial MindsetH5213SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Modern Supervisor WebcourseC5053WCWebcourseStarts 9/28/20 for x weeks 6-8:30pm8 weeksOnlineLisa H.3$599.00
Navigating Difficult ConversationsH5217SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Negotiation for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5092SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Negotiations: Making Business Deals (MindEdge)M5064SPSelf Paced4 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
Negotiations: Resolving Disputes (MindEdge)M5065SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Networking and Mentorship for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5093SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
Old Point National - Leadership Certificate 1 (Custom)H5231SPSelf PacedOnline1/2$200.00
Old Point National: Leadership Certificate 2 (Custom)H5232SPSelf PacedOnline1/2$200.00
Ongoing Performance DevelopmentH4218SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Project Management for Teams Certificate (MindEdge)M1033SPSelf Paced35 hoursOnline2$845.00
Project Management Team Leadership Certificate (MindEdge)M0910SPSelf Paced18 hoursOnline1$359.00
Servant LeadershipH5219SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Sexual and Workplace Harassment for ManagersA5050SPSelf Paced40 minOnline$95.00
Statistics as a Managerial Tool (MindEdge)M5075SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
SupervisionC4310GLGuided Learning6 monthsTammy P.3$450.00
Supervisor / Team Leader CertificateA5051SPSelf Paced10 hoursOnline$895.00
Supervisor Communication SkillsH5220SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Talk Like a LeaderH5221SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Teaching Adults for Supervisors: Motivate and Engage LearnersT5052SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$295.00
The Effective Manager's Toolbox Certificate (MindEdge)M5066SPSelf Paced15 hoursOnline1$299.00
The Manager's Toolbox: Business Nuts and Bolts (MindEdge)M5067SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: Compliance Challenges (MindEdge)M5068SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: Handling Conflict (MindEdge)M5069SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: Morale and Inspiration (MindEdge)M5070SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: New Leader Challenges (MindEdge)M5071SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: New Manager Challenges (MindEdge)M5073SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
The Manager's Toolbox: Performance Challenges (MindEdge)M5072SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline1/4$89.00
Toughest Supervisor Challenges and How to Overcome ThemH5222SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Women and LeadershipH5223SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Work-Life Balance for Women in Business (powered by MindEdge)M5094SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline1/4$79.00
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