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Developing the next generation of leaders is a top business priority for banks. To meet this growing demand, ABA has joined with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to offer three leadership certificate programs featuring preeminent Wharton faculty that provide top-notch training for emerging leaders in an accessible and cost-effective online format.

The challenging content helps develop leadership skills and critical thinking. Assessments require participants to demonstrate an understanding of key concepts throughout the learning experience. All content is delivered in short, engaging videos that vary in length from 10-20 minutes. Give your emerging leaders the tools they need to succeed today and into the future.

Recommended Prerequisite: Bank Financial Management Certificate (ABA)

Advanced Leadership

Success: Define what success means to you and develop a plan for achieving it.

Leading the Life You Want: Refine your personal goals and become a more effective leader.

Influence: What does it mean to be influential? How do you persuade others to work toward a common goal?

Communication: Learn to communicate more effectively to achieve your corporate and personal goals.

Course Descriptions

Introductory video: Peter Cappelli, Wharton Professor and Jim Edrington, Chief Member Engagement Officer, American Bankers Association

Success – Richard Shell (4 modules)
Do you want to be more successful? This course was designed to help you define what success means to you, and to develop a plan for achieving it. Wharton Professor G. Richard Shell, an award-winning author and the creator of the popular Wharton School course on the meaning of success, created this course to help you answer the questions that arise when you consider how best to use your life. Drawing on his decades of research and mentoring, Shell offers personalized assessments to help you probe your past, imagine your future, and measure your strengths. He then combines these with the latest scientific insights on everything from self-confidence and happiness to relationships and careers. Throughout, he shares inspiring examples of people who found what they were meant to do by embracing their own true measure of success. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime—one that will help you reevaluate your future and envision success on your own terms. Students and executives say that Richard Shell’s courses and executive training programs have changed their lives. Let this course change yours.

Module 1: Launching Your Personal Search for Success

This module is designed to help you define success for yourself through exploring the hidden beliefs you hold about success. You’ll learn the three truths of success, and the role of culture and family in defining success. You’ll also participate in the “Six Lives” exercise, which will guide you to deeper questions of your beliefs about success, as well as how those beliefs compare to others. By the end of this module you’ll be able to assess yourself, your values, and your images of what success means. As a result, you can begin to adapt the tools that will work for you to achieve whatever your definition of success is. Module includes 11 videos, 3 readings.
1. Introduction (Video)
2. How to Use This Course (Video)
3. Why This Course Will be Useful (Video)
4. Why I Am Teaching This Course (Video)
5. Three Truths About Success (Video)
6. The Six Lives Exercise (Video)
7. Profiles for Six Lives Exercise (Reading)
8. Evaluate Your Rankings (Reading)
9. Reflection of Six Lives Exercise (Discussion Prompt)
10. The Six Lives Exercise Analysis (Video)
11. The Two Sides of Success (Video)
12. The Role of Culture and Family in Setting Your Success Values (Video)
13. My Story (Video)
14. Where We Are and Where We Are Going (Video)
15. PDFs of Module 1 Slides (Reading)


Module 2: How to Think About Success on Your Own Terms

In this module, you’ll learn how to think about success on your own terms. You’ll explore ways of looking inside yourself, and into your past, to find the values and capabilities that you have determined for your personal success. You’ll identify your “four diamonds” – the capabilities you have in your own heart and soul to develop the inner and outer success that will be most satisfying to you. You’ll learn the two habits that successful people share, as well as the four different ways you can renew your success values. By the end of this module
you’ll have a deep understanding of what success is for you on your terms, and how to sustain and renew your beliefs in the face of challenges. This module includes: 6 videos, 1 reading.
1. Wake up! (Video)
2. A Fable (Video)
3. Where Are Your Diamonds? (Video)
4. Habits of Successful People (Video)
5. Why Are Your Success Values So Easy to Forget? (Video)
6. Where We Are (Video)
7. Reflection of Legacy Exercise and Success Values (Discussion Prompt)
8. PDF’s of Module 2 Slides (Reading)

Module 3: Diving Deeper: What Research Tells Us about Achievement and Happiness

This module was created to give you an overview of the science of success so that you can use that knowledge to begin exploring the relationship between success and happiness. You’ll learn the four traps of achievement, as well as the four reasons to worry about achievement-based success. Finally, you’ll examine the question of whether success equals happiness. By the end of this module you’ll be able to differentiate between success that is based on achievements, which can be unsatisfying, and success based on other metrics, that can bring
deep satisfaction to your life. This module includes: 4 videos, 3 readings
1. The Science of Success (Video)
2. The Traps: If You Base Your Success on Achievements (Video)
3. Four Reasons to Worry About Achievement Based Success (Video)
4. Does Success Equal Happiness? (Video)
5. SAME Personality Assessment Trait Reading (Reading)
6. SAME Profiler Feedback and Summary of Results (Reading)
7. SAME Profiler Feedback Reflection (Discussion Prompt)
8. SAME Personality Assessment Activity Reflection (Discussion Prompt)
9. PDF’s of Module 3 Slides (Reading)

Module 4: Putting it Together: Charting Your Path to the Future

In this module, you’ll begin putting together everything you have learned about yourself and about success so that you can chart your own path to the future. You’ll learn how to use the achievement-happiness matrix to assess your current state, how to determine your current motivations, how to discover what work is meaningful to you (and whether or not you are employed doing it), and how happiness and success are measured differently. You’ll conclude this module, and the course, by creating a personal theory of success which you will
share with your classmates in peer review. There, you’ll have the opportunity to see other theories of success, which may spark some additional exploration of your own. By the end of this module you’ll have articulated a personalized theory and vision of success that you can use to create more happiness for you yourself. This module includes: 6 videos, 1 reading
1. Putting It All Together (Video)
2. Analyzing the Matrix (Video)
3. Assess Your Current Motivation (Video)
4. Meaningful Work (Video)
5. Wise Angel (Video)
6. Conclusion (Video)
7. Final Reflection – How Do You Define Success? (Discussion Prompt)
8. PDF’s of Module 4 Slides (Reading)
Success Module Enrollment Details:

Time commitment: 1-4 hours per module


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