Motivating Employees to Be Their Best



 Motivating Employees to Be Their Best – Course Code H5072SP

Keeping employees motivated and challenged can be a complex task. It depends on continual communication with an employee, and an understanding of that employee’s strengths and weaknesses. When procrastination, a lack of enthusiasm, and refusal to take initiative creep into an employee’s performance, it is time to find strategies to relight the fire.

A Gallup poll reported that 70% of workers are not engaged at work. Unmotivated employees do not just contribute to low morale, they also cause loss of profit. A Kenexa study of 64 organizations found that companies with highly motivated employees earned twice as much revenue as organizations where employees lacked enthusiasm. In addition, engaged employees are 87 times more likely to stay with their company.

With statistics like these, it is critical for leaders to understand the needs of their employees and find intrinsic methods of motivating. This course is designed to teach you how to tailor you leadership and communication style to better suit the needs of you employees.  As a result, you will be able to create a shared vision for your organization, build group identity, create a culture of ownership, and establish a more collaborative, inspiring work environment.

Code: H5072SP
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