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This class is designed for both practicing and aspiring supervisors who have little formal knowledge of supervision.


There is no doubt that today’s supervisors play a critical role in enhancing the success of modern organizations. As with all previous editions, this book prepares students to be supervisors. As with all previous editions, concepts in this latest edition contain traditionally proven as well as cutting-edge supervision ideas and tools.


Supervision continues to be more exciting and challenging than at any other time in our history! Dealing with modern issues like sustainability, social responsibility and ethics, a multicultural workforce, social media, and alternative energy supplies provides challenging and stimulating everyday tests for modern supervisors. Competent supervisors have a central role in helping modern organizations to appropriately deal with such critical factors. As a result, competent supervisors are of utmost importance to modern organizations and to society as a whole.


Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building helps students learn what it takes to be a successful supervisor in today’s complex work world. The focus of this new edition continues the tradition of presenting useful tools and solutions for meeting present-day supervision challenges. In addition, this edition furnishes students with an even richer mix of real-life examples that illustrate
how modern supervisors handle contemporary problems. Carefully studying proven supervision concepts and their relationship to real-world, practical examples throughout this text will greatly enhance a student’s chances of gaining success and personal rewards as a supervisor.


Supervision blends skill-building techniques and traditional management principles to prepare students to become supervisors in today’s business world.  The course will emphasize that supervision is working through people to develop and empower them to become better and more efficient in their roles, and closely follows the SCANS requirements for the five workplace competencies and three-part foundation of skills and personal qualities needed for job performance.


Part one: What Is a Supervisor?

Chapter 1 Supervision: Tradition and Contemporary Trends

Chapter 2 The Supervisor as Leader


Part two: Modern Supervision Challenges

Chapter 3 Groups, Teams, and Powerful Meetings

Chapter 4 Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability

Chapter 5 Managing Diversity


Part three: Functions of the Supervisor

Chapter 6 Reaching Goals: Plans and Controls

Chapter 7 Organizing and Authority

Chapter 8 Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Creativity

Chapter 9 Ensuring High Quality and Productivity


Part four: Skills of the Supervisor

Chapter 10 Communication: Theory and Modern Media

Chapter 11 Motivating Employees

Chapter 12 Employee Challenges: Counseling and Discipline

Chapter 13 Managing Time and Stress

Chapter 14 Managing Conflict, Change, and Politics


Part five: Supervision and Human Resources

Chapter 15 Selecting Employees

Chapter 16 Providing Orientation and Training

Chapter 17 Appraising Performance


Appendix A Supervision Laws: Health and Safety, Labor Relations, Fair Employment

Appendix B The Supervisor’s Career Path: Finding a Career That Fits


Award Application and Career Pathing 

Supervision applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:

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