Business Etiquette for Supervisors H5215SP



Length: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes
Business etiquette is defined as the conduct or procedures that are generally acceptable and polite in the workplace. It is typically a set of unspoken expectations that most people either meet—or find out about when they do not meet them. This course provides guidelines for common business etiquette, how to show respect for yourself and others, how to establish positive connections
with anyone, and how to choose polite and positive responses to rude behavior.

Learning Outcomes:
• Use basic courtesy and manners
• Practice common business etiquette to build and maintain relationships
• Implement practices for respecting yourself
• Be resilient in difficult situations
• Interact in a respectful manner with coworkers and subordinates
• Interact respectfully with individuals with disabilities
• Establish positive human connections
• Maintain relationships with strong communication skills
• Use technology effectively
• Incorporate the traits of successful and respected managers into daily routines
• Balance work and personal life appropriately

Code: H5215SP
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