Meetings That Work



Meetings—we all have them. The bad news? It is estimated that Fortune 500 companies waste 75 million dollars per year in unproductive meeting time. The good news? Most of the factors that disrupt productivity are in the control of meeting attendees. This training helps participants identify and develop the skills for ensuring the meetings are an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage to both employees and organizations alike.  Successful completion of this training will increase your knowledge and ability to effectively prepare for meetings. Whether running the meeting or
simply participating in it, this program provides the knowledge and techniques for making the most of meetings. Among other practices, participants learn to provide a specific meeting focus, identify the signs of an unproductive meeting, generate ideas for creating an environment of fun to encourage participation, and prepare a proper agenda.

Learning Outcomes:
• Recognize ways to change your mindset about meetings
• Eliminate habits that make meetings unproductive
• Identify alternatives to holding traditional meetings
• Demonstrate effective facilitation skills
• Help your group make decisions quickly
• Ensure that every meeting ends with actionable items

Award Application and Career Pathing 

Meetings that Work applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:


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