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CourseCodeFormatDate TimeDurationLocationInstructorCredits / PDUPricehf:tax: formathf:tax: locationhf:tax: instructor
Analyzing Financial StatementsA6920ILOInstructor Led Online07/27/202016 weeksOnline3$600.00
Analyzing Financial StatementsA6920ILOInstructor Led Online12/07/202016 weeksOnline3$600.00
Analyzing Financial StatementsA6920GLGuided Learning6 monthsSusan P.3$450.00
Appraisal ProceduresA6004SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Basics of Mortgage ProcessingA6005SPSelf Paced45 minOnline$95.00
Certificate in Business and Commercial LendingA6006SPSelf Paced33 hoursOnline$1,295.00
Commercial LendingA6350ILOInstructor Led Online10/19/202012 WeeksOnline3$600.00
Commercial LendingA6350GLGuided Learning6 monthsSusan P.3$450.00
Commercial Lending Underwriting CertificateO6090SPSelf Paced30 hoursOnline3$825.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process Package CertificateA6008BSPSelf Paced25 hoursOnline$720.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 1: Types of CRE Loans, Risk Areas and Performance DriversA6009SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline$125.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 2: The CRE Underwriting ProcessA6010SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline$125.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 3: Financing Different Types of Commercial PropertiesA6011SPSelf Paced4 hoursOnline$125.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 4: Understanding & Evaluating Leases, Appraisals & Environmental AssessmentsA6012SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline$175.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 5: Loan Structure and Documentation ConsiderationsA6013SPSelf Paced3 hoursOnline$125.00
Commercial Real Estate Lending Series 6: Construction LendingA6014SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline$175.00
Completing the HUD-1A6015SPSelf Paced30 minOnline$95.00
Completing the HUD-1 for Loans not covered under TRID (ABA)A2121SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline1/4$95.00
Consumer Credit BasicsA6016SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Consumer Credit ProductsA6017SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Consumer Credit ProductsC6017GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/4$245.00
Consumer Credit Reporting, Credit Bureaus, Credit Scoring and Related Policy IssuesC6093SPSelf Paced2 hoursOnline1/4$60.00
Consumer LendingA7008GLGuided Learning6 monthsAndrew L.3$450.00
Consumer LendingA7008ILOInstructor Led Online07/06/202016 weeksOnline3$525.00
Consumer LendingA7008ILOInstructor Led Online11/02/202016 weeksOnline3$525.00
Consumer Lending CertificateO6060SPSelf Paced21 hoursOnline$595.00
Consumer Loan ProcessesA6018SPSelf Paced20 minOnline$55.00
Credit Products for Small BusinessesA6019SPSelf Paced40 minOnline$95.00
Discovering FHA ProgramsA6020SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Elements of Title InsuranceA6021SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Essentials of Mortgage LendingA6022SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Explaining Loan ModificationsA6023SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Fundamentals of Consumer LendingC6024GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/4$245.00
Fundamentals of Consumer Lending SuiteA6024SPSelf Paced40 minOnline$95.00
Fundamentals of Mortgage LendingC6026GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/4$245.00
Fundamentals of Small Business BankingC6056GLGuided Learning4 monthsTammy P.1/4$245.00
Fundamentals of Small Business Banking SuiteA1070SPSelf Paced45 minOnline$95.00
Gathering the Facts on Mortgage FraudA6027SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Handling Mortgage Inquiries and Making ReferralsA6028SPSelf Paced1.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Introduction to Agricultural LendingA6029ILOInstructor Led Online01/20/20208 weeksOnline$475.00
Introduction to Analyzing Financial StatementsA1076SPSelf Paced3.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Introduction to Mortgage LendingA6026ILOInstructor Led Online6/15/20206 weeksOnline$550.00
Lending as a Cornerstone of BankingA6030SPSelf Paced10 minOnline$55.00
Lending Decision Process Complete PackageA6031BSPSelf Paced50 hoursOnline$720.00
Lending Decision Process Series 1: Industry, Management and Economic InfluencesA6032SPSelf Paced4 hoursOnline$100.00
Lending Decision Process Series 2: Interpreting Quality of Financial Reports and AccountsA6033SPSelf Paced5 hoursOnline$100.00
Lending Decision Process Series 3: Analyzing the Company's Financial Performance and ConditionA6034SPSelf Paced12 hoursOnline$200.00
Lending Decision Process Series 4: The Cash Cycle, Seasonality & Discovering Borrowing Causes & Repayment SourcesA6035SPSelf Paced8 hoursOnline$150.00
Lending Decision Process Series 5: Analyzing Cash Flow Statements to Measure Long-Term Repayment AbilityA6036SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline$150.00
Lending Decision Process Series 6: Using Financial Projections to Fine Tune the Credit AnalysisA6037SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline$150.00
Loan Collectors Training ProgramC6038GLGuided Learning4 monthsAndrew L.1$300.00
Mortgage Customer Counseling and PrequalificationA6039SPSelf Paced2.5 hoursOnline$95.00
Old Point National - Retail Lending Certificate (Custom)A6088SP8 hoursOnline1/2$400.00
Personal Tax Return AnalysisA6041SPSelf Paced6 hoursOnline$95.00
Preparing the Closing DisclosureA6042SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Preparing the Loan EstimateA6043SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Processing and Underwriting CreditA6044SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Processing Income and AssetsA6045SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Residential Mortgage Lender CertificateA6049SPSelf Paced24 hoursOnline$775.00
Residential Mortgage LendingC6050GLGuided Learning6 monthsAndrew L.3$450.00
Reviewing the Appraisal ReportA6051SPSelf Paced1 hourOnline$95.00
Small Business BorrowingA6052SPSelf Paced50 minOnline$95.00
Small Business Lending CertificateO6089SPSelf Paced26 hoursOnline3$595.00
Structuring Commercial Loan PackagesC6053LLive4/14/2021 & 4/28/2021 9:00am - 4:00pmFull DayMaine, New GloucesterVin D.2$325.00
The Title ProcessO6060SPSelf Paced15 minOnline1/4$109.00
Understanding Business BorrowersA6055SPSelf PacedOnline$150.00
Understanding SBA EligibilityO6091SPSelf Paced60 minOnline1/4$109.00
Understanding SBA LoansO6092SPSelf Paced60 minOnlineOnline1/4$109.00
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