Mortgage Fraud Detection, Reporting and Prevention


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Mortgage professionals thrive by generating mortgage loans for consumers. In their unique position, they require access to private, personal consumer information. Both the loan applicant and the mortgage professional have a vested interest in the outcome of a mortgage application. Unfortunately, this can lead to unethical behavior, and even fraud, by either or both parties to ensure the loan is approved and closed.

A mortgage professional can often detect and address issues of mortgage fraud with a thorough analysis of the loan file. An understanding of the many indicators of mortgage fraud will keep them alert to this possibility. Informed consumers are better equipped to avoid being victimized by fraud or predatory lending practices.

This course will review indicators of mortgage fraud and how this fraud may be attempted, detected, and penalized. 

Is mortgage fraud really a problem? According to the 2023 Mortgage Fraud Report by CoreLogic, a leading provider of data and analytics for the mortgage industry, about 1 in 134 mortgage applications were estimated to contain fraud in the second quarter of 2023. 




  • Types of Mortgage Fraud

  • Fraud Detection Techniques

  • Mortgage Fraud and the Law

  • Real World Case Studies

  • Course Summary and Resources


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