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This Residential Mortgage Lending training course covers construction and permanent financing for residential property; real estate law; documentation;  mortgage loan servicing; the secondary mortgage market; the role of government in mortgage lending; and residential real estate as an investment. The discussion of underwriting, processing, and servicing will give participants a framework for learning the mortgage lending business and refining their existing knowledge. Additionally, the coverage of laws and regulations affecting mortgage lending provide an understanding of mortgage lending’s history and a glimpse into its future.

Topics include:

  • Mortgage Lending Overview
  • Mortgage Lending Process
  • Financial Instruments
  • Conventional Loans / Financing
  • Government Loan Programs
  • Nontraditional / Nonconforming Loans & Financing
  • Federal Financial Disclosure Laws
  • Federal Privacy Protection and Consumer Identification Laws
  • Federal Prohibition of Predatory Lending
  • The SAFE Act
  • Ethics in Mortgage Lending
  • Uniform State Test
  • Selected Consumer Protection Regulations
  • Financials and Calculations Review
  • The Successful Mortgage Loan Closing
  • Appendix

Hondros Learning / CFTEA

Award Application and Career Pathing 

Residential Mortgage Lending applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:

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