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Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal is a classic text in the field, first published in 1975 and still updated by the original authors. The latest edition of this best-selling text provides a strong foundation for understanding the modern real estate appraisal market.

New discussion includes the modern appraisal office, gross living area, the division of outdoor spaces, the concept of curb appeal, interior house design, landscaping plans, Historical Landmark Designation, retrospective value, and financial calculators.

  1. Unit 1: The Appraisal Profession
  2. Unit 2: Appraisal Math and Statistics
  3. Unit 3: Real Estate and Its Appraisal
  4. Unit 4: Real Estate Transactions
  5. Unit 5: The Real Estate Marketplace
  6. Unit 6: The Appraisal Process
  7. Unit 7: Building Construction and the Environment
  8. Unit 8: Data Collection
  9. Unit 9: Site Valuation
  10. Unit 10: The Cost Approach—Part I: Reproduction/Replacement Cost
  11. Unit 11: The Cost Approach—Part II: Depreciation
  12. Unit 12: The Sales Comparison Approach
  13. Unit 13: The Income Capitalization Approach
  14. Unit 14: Direct and Yield Capitalization
  15. Unit 15: Reconciliation and the Appraisal Report
  16. Unit 16: Appraising Partial Interests

Award Application and Career Pathing 

Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal applies toward the completion of the following certifications, certificates and diplomas:


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