Mitigating Potential Fraud in Your Organization


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Description: This course provides managers with a detailed look at mortgage fraud characteristics, the ways individuals or groups perpetrate fraud in a mortgage transaction, and strategies for MLOs to detect and reduce mortgage fraud. After an overview of mortgage fraud statistics in the United States, including prevalence, trends, and geographic risk indicators, learners cover details of mortgage fraud characteristics, fraud motivators, and common fraud schemes. This course also covers fraud reporting requirements as dictated by law, including when and how to file reports through a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), and the laws that affect controls and compliance measures that lenders and loan origination organizations must have in place. Finally, learners cover tools and strategies that managers can implement to prevent fraud, along with best practices to manage risk in their organizations. This course is approximately 30 minutes long.

Audience: Lending operations staff including; Compliance and QC personnel, Loan Originators, Underwriters, Processors.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • List key characteristics of mortgage fraud
  • Describe common mortgage fraud schemes
  • List the requirements for reporting mortgage fraud
  • Summarize the process for reporting mortgage fraud
  • Explain strategies to manage fraud risk
Created: October 2018
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