As our library of career paths increases (currently there are 35!), new certificates, diplomas and courses become available or updated to meet the  changing needs of today’s world.  Starting Summer 2021, CFTEA is proud to announce the following new student awards available.

Getting advanced certifications isn’t just about adding credentials to your resume. You are also learning valuable skills that you can apply to your day-to-day job. This can help you become better at regular tasks that might otherwise be time-consuming. You can also take on new responsibilities that you once weren’t qualified for.

This is a really valuable way to get promotions and advance your career. Continuing education can help you improve job performance. You’ll also have special skills your colleagues don’t, helping you stand out from the crowd when it’s time for the boss to give out a promotion.

Hard work is only one important part of climbing the career ladder. Learning new skills can make it easier to get more work done and do a better job overall.

New Certificates

New Diplomas

New Courses


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