Commercial Loan Assistant Diploma

Commercial Loan Assistant Diploma

As a Commercial Loan Assistant, the role requires critical skills that increase over time.  It includes assisting Commercial Loan Processors, Underwriters, and Officers in gathering information and documents. This career path provides the power to effectively help the community and many small businesses. Working with clients to collect all of the needed information to process the loan, this role requires specialized training that supports the commercial lending world, government regulations, and customer service.  After completing the other certificates, this diploma provides a capstone experience to truly understand the world of commercial lending and the various teams and information needed for success.

This certificate is the first step in the Commercial Loan Assistant Career Path.  The path begins with the  Commercial Loan Assistant Certificate, then moves to the Advanced Commercial Loan Assistant Certificate and finishes with this diploma. (Formerly CFT Training)


Select from the following formats (checkmarks) to gain course information and pricing.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced

Virtual Classroom

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Commercial Lending

  • Handling Workplace Conflict

  • Leading Others Through Change

  • Understanding SBA Eligibility

  • Understanding SBA Loans

  • Written Communication



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