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RMA’s Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process is a series of 2 interactive, web-based courses and an optional accounting refresher course that provides a comprehensive study of commercial real estate (CRE) lending, beginning with a description of CRE loan types and progressing to an understanding of the underwriting process, leases, appraisals, loan structures, and related risks.

Prerequisites:  Assumes a basic knowledge of financial accounting and credit analysis.  (An accounting refresher course is offered with this series to assist trainees in re-familiarizing themselves with the necessary skills.)

Who will benefit?  Lenders and credit analysts who are not real estate specialists but who need to know more about assessing real estate risk.

Q & A / Feedback throughout the course.  Mastery assessment at the end of the course.

Methodology:  Unlike many courses on commercial credit and lending currently available, RMA’s Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process, offers:

• Scenario/application-based learning
• Active decision-making as opposed to passive learning
• Adaptability to the needs/skill level of each user
• Modular courses for flexibility in how/when users complete each course

Courses Included:

  1. Construction Lending
    • Explore different types of construction loans
    • Explain to a customer the additional documents required for a construction loan
    • Evaluate the risks of a construction loan
    • Explore project completion requirements and lender actions
  2. Homebuilder Lending
    • Explore acquisition, development and construction lending
    • Compare and contrast homebuilder to other CRE construction lending
    • Identify the risks of AD & C
    • Complete a discounted cash flow analysis
    • Calculate a sensitivity analysis assuming a change in lots sold per quarter.



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