Residential Mortgage Lending Diploma


Mortgage lending is an important function of banks in meeting the needs of their communities. Depending on the institution, mortgage lenders may be involved with many different aspects of the mortgage lending and servicing function. To be successful, mortgage lenders must have a solid understanding of the mortgage lending process, including the methods and procedures used to make loans to individuals for the purchase of a residence, as well as loans to builders and real estate developers.


Mortgage lending personnel provide service to customers and prospective customer, and often participate in business development activities. In addition to developing an understanding of the mortgage lending process, credit analysis, finance, real estate law, and the secondary market, mortgage lenders must manage business relationships and keep current with changes in related government regulations.  This mortgage lending diploma requires a good understanding of banking, accounting, credit analysis, and legal principles. The courses in the diploma program provide a solid foundation for learning the mortgage lending business, including aspects of underwriting, processing and servicing, and approaches to profiling mortgage prospects. The diploma is well suited to aspiring mortgage lenders and to those individuals relatively new to the mortgage area of the bank, including mortgage loan clerks, loan processors and closers.

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