Consumer Lending Diploma


Consumer lenders provide service to customers and prospective customers through various credit products and services. Consumer lenders need to understand the consumer lending process from developing and taking loan applications to collection and recovery.  Consumer lenders participate in the bank’s sales and development activities. Because meeting sales objective is a critical responsibility of the position, consumer lenders often identify and follow through with cross-selling opportunities. To be successful, consumer lenders must stay current on all trends, issues, and procedures affecting the consumer lending function, especially changing rules and regulations. They also need to develop solid relationship management skills.


This Consumer Lending Diploma reflects a balanced treatment of the knowledge and skill requirements of a typical consumer lender.  Complementing consumer-lending coursework are topics in general banking, accounting and credit analysis, and legal and regulatory compliance.  Approaches to relationship management and relationship selling are also addressed. In addition, emphasis is placed on practical business skills, such as time management, effective and professional speaking, and writing skills.  (Formerly CFT Training)


Select from the following formats (checkmarks) to gain course information and pricing.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced

Virtual Classroom

  • Accounting, Financial or General

  • Consumer Lending or Consumer Lending Certificate

  • Effective Referrals Suite

  • Ethics in the Workplace

  • Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements or Personal Tax Return Analysis

  • Legal Foundations in Banking (formerly Law & Banking)

  • Principles of Banking

  • Sales Essentials Certificate

  • Verbal Communication or Professional Speaking Certificate

  • Written Communication or Professional Writing Certificate



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