Digital Banking Diploma

Digital Banking Diploma

This curriculum provides an educational career path to bank personnel in the role of digital banking. The courses within this Diploma build on the essentials in the Digital Banking Certificate and provide additional advancement toward the General Banking Diploma and/or the Bank Operations Diploma. With the extraordinary speed of change related to technological and customer service innovation and the integration of electronic banking applications with legacy systems, there is a greater dependence on third parties to provide the necessary information technology that financial institutions need for competition.

Digital banking allows a user to conduct financial transactions via the Internet. Digital banking is also known as Internet banking or web banking.  Digital banking offers customers almost every service traditionally available through a local branch including deposits, transfers, and online bill payments. Virtually every banking institution has some form of online banking, available both on desktop versions and through mobile apps.  (Formerly CFT Training)


Select from the following formats (checkmarks) to gain course information and pricing.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced

Virtual Classroom

  • Ethics in the Workplace

  • Handling Workplace Conflict

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • Leading Others Through Change

  • Legal Foundations in Banking (formerly Law & Banking)

  • Meetings that Work

  • Working Effectively with Co-Workers

  • Written Communication




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