Do you have your Associates Degree and are interested in gaining your Bachelor’s Degree?  CFTEA can help!


Students with an Associate’s Degree and all of their CFTEA banking transfer credits, just 30 credits (10 courses) remain (25%) for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Banking Major degree completion at St. Joseph’s College!  Complete the remaining online courses from the general education/business core and earn your Bachelor’s Degree in no time!


CFTEA courses can be taken guided learning or through available webcourses or instructor led online.  Not sure what you have taken?  Request a transcript from our office today!


Required Banking Classes taken through CFTEA: (Click Courses for Detailed Course Information)

Looking to start your journey toward career advancement?  Our Degree program page and our latest catalog give the details on how easy it is to start with CFTEA and St. Joseph’s College!

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