Verbal Communication


This course provides information on the ever-changing process of communication. It covers basic communication, interpersonal communication, group communication and communicating with an audience.

Packing a wealth of insight into a succinct resource, THE SPEAKER’S COMPACT HANDBOOK, 5th Edition, is a concise reference for the introductory public speaking course. An excellent value and useful to students in any major, this brief handbook grounded in research features speech excerpts and full-speech examples, illustrations, and critical thinking questions that students can use on their journey to becoming effective public speakers. The spiral-bound format and flexible standalone chapters allow students to access the topics they need to create great speeches easily, while Key Points, Quick Tips, and Checklists help them stay on track. Completely up to date, the Fifth Edition includes new examples, new student speech excerpts and full speeches, new Web Links boxes, new illustrations, and more.

Topics covered include:
• You are a coded communication channel
• Speech is an oral language code
• Paralanguage flavors the verbal message
• Nonverbal codes send silent messages
• Building confidence
• Developing interpersonal skills
• Interviewing effectively
• Speaking in groups
• Group interaction
• Designing a message for an audience
• Organizing and supporting ideas
• Polishing your presentation

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