Supervision Diploma


This curriculum provides participants with the integration of supervisory concepts and skills development plus management techniques for a well-developed educational background in the role of the supervisor.  In addition to that, training Supervisors on how to engage and empower their employees can lead to increased productivity and employee retention. Training supervisors in soft skills will improve employee retention and the costs associated with turnover.  This diploma builds on the Modern Supervisor program.  (Formerly CFT Training)

Select from the following formats (click blue checkmarks) to gain course information and pricing.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced

Virtual Classroom

  • Engaging Adult Learners

  • Modern Manager Certificate

  • Modern Supervisor Certificate


  • Principles of Banking

  • Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand

  • Supervision

  • The Leadership Experience (Coming 2025)


  • Verbal Communication

  • Written Communication



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