Handling Workplace Conflict

Handling Workplace Conflict: How to Resolve and Minimize Workplace Disputes

Is conflict an ongoing battle in your organization? Apparently, it is foremost. A recent study reveals that 85 percent of employees experience conflict at work — a staggering 2.8 hours each week — ranging from mild squabbles with teammates to explosive disagreements between managers.
Let’s face it. Conflict isn’t going to become obsolete anytime soon. But individuals can learn how to handle it maturely and collaboratively with insight, knowledge, and the proper skills. And better yet, organizations can actually benefit from conflict in the form of increased productivity and improved relationships — that is, when it’s managed successfully.
Taking Control of Conflict: How to Resolve and Minimize Workplace Disputes introduces the different types of conflict, shows individuals how to communicate clearly and tactfully,explores appropriate resolution strategies, and establishes a common-sense approach for preventing unnecessary conflict.
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