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Delivering Exceptional Phone Service – Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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In a survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center regarding customer service, over 50% of respondents said that they hung up the phone before their problem had been addressed (2019). The survey also revealed a tiring list of criticisms alluding to a generally frustrating experience, including repeatedly asking for the same information and ambiguity over being on hold or disconnected. To attract and retain customers in a highly competitive environment, it is important to meet their needs and make them feel valued. That job is typically the responsibility of customer service representatives, who may be the only direct contact customers ever have with an organization.


As a representative, you’ll find that being able to deliver that level of service is just as critical. Increasing customer satisfaction makes you more valuable to your organization and helps you to achieve higher productivity. From a personal perspective, improving your interactions with customers also reduces stress and tension. This program will give you the techniques you need to deliver exceptional service over the phone, so that you are better equipped to appropriately address customers’ concerns and ultimately preserve their loyalty to your company.


Course Objectives


Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to


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This course explores the following subjects in depth:

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