Loan Collectors Diploma

Loan Collectors Diploma

A successful collection effort should include an ongoing strategy for collections, systematic daily monitoring of individual accounts, and a daily review and analysis of delinquency reporting.  This certificate is part of an overall collections career path to provide key instruction, regulations, and connections to the lending industry.  The Loan Collectors Certificate is required for the completion of this diploma or manager approval. (Formerly CFT Training)


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Required Courses

Instructor Led Online

Guided Learning

Self Paced

Virtual Classroom

  • Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns

  • Balancing Priorities

  • Consumer Credit Reporting, Credit Bureaus, Credit Scoring and Related Policy Issues

  • Consumer Lending or Consumer Lending Certificate

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Ethics in the Workplace

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act for Compliance Professionals

  • Handling Workplace Conflict

  • Residential Mortgage Lending





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