There is one constant in this world – change.  As a nonprofit, we have worked hard during the pandemic to use our time wisely and look at the changing world as an opportunity to continue to support aspiring career seekers.

The fastest way to land a job, earn a promotion or compete for a raise is through professional development opportunities such as continuing education classes. These courses teach professionals valuable skills to enhance their career, make them more employable and push them to the top of their game.

These is a summary of the new opportunities that continue to make CFTEA a powerful resource in today’s workplace and support future growth options.

Community Advisory Councils

The first meet of our new format of councils has met with lots of engagement and energy.  The next meeting will happen virtually in early December with an opportunity for networking and sharing common challenges.  The volunteer commitment to be on our councils is 8 hours or less annually.  If you are interested in joining a group of professionals dedicated to supporting change and gaining positive insights from those with a passion around learning and development – just reach out to our office.

CFTEA Workplace

Want your grades immediately (in most cases) when taking your course?  CFTEA Workplace has become the go-to online location to house our self-paced courses and online assessments.  Additionally, it supplies a companion site for Guided Learning students to gain instant feedback and shareable online completion badges. The latest upgrade to our Learning Management System (LMS) has been completed setting up the foundation for a massive upgrade during 2022.

Course Updates

Our volunteer education committee works hard reviewing materials and ensuring that courses remain relevant and accurate.  Older material is updated or replaced.  There will be continuing announcements about courses however the following courses have been updated or are in the process of being updated.  If someone has taken one of these courses before, it is a great refresher to take again knowing the content is no longer the same and is current.  For those looking to take this material for the first time – they are in for a real treat with interactive career goal setting and course focus on how the student can directly connect the material to their current or a future role.

New Courses

New courses are released through the year and this year is no exception!  These practical courses provide an opportunity for our supports to give back to the community and help those struggling with

Instructor Led Online

Starting in Spring 2022, Principles of Banking will be offered for the first time as an Instructor Led Online course.  This is a pilot program for our Instructor Led Online Series with more 3 credit courses joining the lineup in Fall 2022 based on feedback.

Certificates, Certifications and Diplomas

Over the past few years there have been a number of changes to our certificates, certifications and diplomas to better support our career paths.  When there are changes, students have 18 months to complete the requirements of any retired or changed award and still receive that original certification.  During Fall 2021, additional work will be done with our awards catalog to ensure any changes are set to go live starting in our next academic year in July 2022.  Keep checking back on our news page to see announcements related to updated course content.

A catalog of each course that applies to a certificate, certification or diploma is being updated and for each qualifying course additional information will be provided on a product pages to show what awards that specific course applies to.  The insight provided will give easy access to students and organizations looking to see how that course fits into a larger picture.  The goal is for this update to be completed and on the website before the end of this year.

And more!

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