CFTEA Council Spotlight: Kendra Carter
VP, Retail Administration
Savings Bank of Walpole

We’re thrilled to welcome Kendra Carter of Savings Bank of Walpole to the CFTEA Regional Advisory Council! Kendra brings a wealth of experience in banking to the council and has been a strong student and supporter of CFTEA over the years. “I consider myself a lifelong learner and am very passionate about having learning and development opportunities available to support individual and collective success at work as well as in life.”

Commenting on the impact CFTEA had on Kendra’s career, “CFTEA has a wide range of education topics and certifications on and around the financial industry. The training provided by CFTEA supports our banking professionals from the early entry stages of banking to career advancement opportunities. At the age of 19, I began a career in banking. Over time I received various certificates and diplomas that all helped to build my banking knowledge to what it is today and helped prepare me for many of the different promotions I received over my banking career.”

“My learning journey with CFTEA has required so many different approaches for me to be successful based on my roles with the bank and phases of my life. Having multiple different options for content delivery by offering some classes online, some in person, and others as a self-study reflects the flexibility CFTEA offers and helps meet the learner’s needs based on their schedule and preferred learning style. I think being able to take single classes on a topic of interest and work towards the completion of a certificate or diploma helps learners continue building their knowledge and see all that’s possible in the banking world.”

We’re excited to have Kendra on board and look forward to the contributions that lend the amazing voice of the Savings Bank of Walpole. The CFTEA council has a rich history of giving feedback to the CFTEA board of directors and ensuring representation across the community. Kendra left us with this, “I’m looking forward to giving back to CFTEA in return for all the valuable knowledge I’ve obtained over my 20-year banking career as well as contributing to the future of CFTEA.”

Congratulations to Kendra for adding her voice in guiding CFTEA as a non-profit that supports employees, organizations, and the community!

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