CFTEA Council Spotlight: Christina Howe
Residential Loan Closing Team Lead
Mascoma Bank

CFTEA welcomes Christina Howe of Bank to the CFTEA Regional Advisory Council! Christina is a CFTEA advocate and has personally benefited from the programs in her career. “I have used CFTEA courses to help with my personal professional development which helped expedite my promotion to team lead within three years of becoming a loan closer. I have also taken many leadership and communication classes that have helped me step into my role smoothly. By doing so, I met challenges in a professional and prepared manner. I think having the option to enroll in CFTEA classes helps Mascoma Bank employees use their self-motivation skills to pursue the careers and positions they desire while staying current with the ever-changing banking standards.

Christina speaks from her experience in how CFTEA has supported her career growth. “While seeking a path for a promotion during a time when new positions weren’t being created, I was enrolled in a CFTEA leadership program, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I gained many tools that helped me remain persistent, fine-tuned my communication skills, and assisted me in advocating for myself. By having CFTEA as a resource, I gained the trust of my peers and leaders. I am happy to say that I earned the promotion!

CFTEA wants to hear from those who take courses so it can continue to grow and thrive for the next generation in the banking industry. Christina noted being drawn to serve on the CFTEA council, “This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about CFTEA and network with peers to gain diverse perspectives, make connections, and continuously improve our industry.

CFTEA Regional Advisory Council members provide valuable insights allowing for a unique leadership experience with tangible benefits for all involved. “I think it will be wonderful to act as a liaison between CFTEA and Mascoma Bank with the opportunity to improve our industry, the trajectory of peers and co-workers, and myself.

Council members provide a strong voice to CFTEA with learning on all sides as opportunities and challenges are discussed and appreciated. CFTEA values adding Christina as she joins board member, Casey Dillingham from Mascoma Bank to this inclusive learning community! Welcome aboard, Christina!

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