Summer is a perfect opportunity to provide larger updates to our CFTEA Awards Catalog. Contact us for options when looking at a course that was retired. Our website has been updated and the changes will be incorporated into our 2022-2023 Awards Catalog this summer. The rapid updates speak to the importance placed on maintaining content that is relevant today – and tomorrow in a rapidly changing workplace.





The following new courses have been added to our catalog:


The following certificates are being introduced and incorporated into our award system.


The following certificates and diplomas have been retired:

  • Building a Fast-Growing Business Certificate
  • Building HR for Growth Certificate
  • Certificate in Business Communication – replaced with the Professional Speaking Certificate and the Professional Writing Certificate to provide one credit content toward Verbal or Written Communication.
  • CFTEA Digital Banking Certificate – replaced with the ABA Digital Banker Certificate
  • Collaborating for Success Certificate
  • Future-Proofing Your Career Certificate
  • General Business Diploma
  • Inc Magazine: Human Resource Bundle Certificate
  • Personal Finance Certificate


The following courses have been retired:

  • A Guide to Business Loans
  • Becoming a Better Leader
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Building an Inclusive Organization
  • Communicating with Flair
  • Creativity & Innovation Toolkit
  • Design Thinking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs
  • Hiring, Managing and Developing Talent
  • HR Tools for Engaging Top Performers
  • Leading from a Distance
  • Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Modern Marketing: Strategy & Execution
  • Networking
  • Optimizing Operations and Managing Crisis
  • Personal Growth
  • Selling Like a Pro
  • Working Remotely
  • Virtual Teamwork
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