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Interpersonal skills are essential for any line of work. Regardless of your position, your ability to communicate, lead, listen, and collaborate on a team will impact your day-to-day work experience. Employers are likely to value such skills ahead of any qualifications you might bring to the table. For that reason, it is important to grow in these areas. 

Certain transferable skills are relevant across all fields of work, like interpersonal skills. Such attributes showcase a person’s ability to communicate and collaborate within a professional setting. For that reason, they might be the most important qualities a hiring manager looks for in a potential employee. Unlike typical soft skills, interpersonal skills indicate someone can function as both a leader and a team player.

Regardless of your experience or past accomplishments, interpersonal skills can rank higher than any qualifications on your resume. The way you engage and interact with your boss and your coworkers will either set you up for success or contribute to a negative work atmosphere for everyone.

During an interview, your interpersonal skills will be the first thing on display. This includes simple etiquette such as eye contact and your ability to both listen and ask questions, which indicate intentionality to better understand a role. However, interpersonal skills also extend to other areas of professionalism and remain relevant throughout your time in a position. Whether you demonstrate good communication or lack these skills, it will impact those around you and your own day-to-day work experience.

The LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report emphasized the importance of interpersonal skills, referring to them as “essential.”

This bundled certificate provides a discount or courses may be taken individually. This certificate was designed to help you tone your skills in dealing with people by understanding yourself better as well as understanding your various relationships, from developing empathy with the individual unhappy customer to successful teamwork with your co-workers. As with most interpersonal skills programs, the topics of this certificate will benefit you not only at work but in all relationships surrounding your life. (Formerly CFT Training)


The self-paced courses below are included. Select courses to find more course descriptions and objectives.  Courses may be taught in-house or live based on requests to the CFTEA office.

Courses Included:


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