Digital Banker Certificate (ABA)


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Duration2 hours, 50 minutes


2:50min | 8 courses | Credit: 2.75 CFMP, 2 CAFP, 1.75 CRCM, 0.75 CSOP

The ABA Digital Banker Certificate helps bankers develop the knowledge and skills they need to provide quality customer service in today’s digital first world.  Learn about the digital and mobile tools available to customers and how to provide excellent customer service on digital and social platforms. Gain insight into how demographics, technology infrastructure and data analytics play a crucial role in developing an effective digital payments strategy. Understand how to identify the risks associated with technology and protect systems and data from tampering or destruction.

Audience: Bankers with customer facing and digital strategy roles.

Course Titles:

  • Digital Beginnings
  • Moving to Mobile
  • Mobile Transactions
  • Promoting Online Safety
  • Digital Customer Service
  • Payment Systems Emerging Products
  • Payment System Trends
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
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