Bank Teller Certificate (ABA)


ABA Bank Teller Certificate: Develop essential bank teller skills. Master core competencies such as cash handling, check cashing, deposit and withdrawal processing, cash payments, and daily settlements of teller cash and proof transactions. Develop a broad understanding of bank products. Build interpersonal skills that are effective with both customers and coworkers. Master the principles of professional conduct. Learn how to cultivate relationships and provide value-added service.

By completing the ABA Bank Teller Certificate curriculum, you’ll build a solid foundation of critical customer service skills.

Required Courses:

Banking Basics Suite or Principles of Banking or Banking Fundamentals

Communication Basics Suite

Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers

Effective Referrals Suite or Effective Client Referrals

Essentials of Workplace Conduct (fka Business Etiquette)

Ethical Issues for Bankers

Online Communication Suite

Teller Basics

Verbal Communication Suite or Business Telephone Skills

Written Communication Suite or Certificate in Business Communication or Effective Written Communication or Written Communication

* The entire ABA Bank Teller Certificate is available as a self-paced online bundled program.

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