Essentials of Workplace Conduct (ABA)


Designed for office environments
This program is designed to promote professional behavior in the workplace. Professional behavior decisions can be confusing and the consequences for making an inappropriate decision can have lasting professional and personal consequences. Business Etiquette covers the most current etiquette guidelines for day to day situations to help participants avoid making inappropriate etiquette decisions. Participants are given  guidelines for making the appropriate choices in areas such as personal appearance, making introductions and shaking hands. A variety of everyday etiquette issues are addressed such as: what to do if you forget someone’s name, food in the work area, impact of certain behaviors in a close environment such as cubicle workspace, and general guidelines for interpreting dress codes.


After successfully completing this class the participants will be able to:
➢ make appropriate introductions
➢ describe the impact of personal appearance on the work environment
➢ demonstrate how to choose the appropriate behavior in day to day activities including opening a door, arriving late for a meeting and food in the
work area
➢ discuss the business consequences of making a choice that is outside the described etiquette guidelines
➢ describe how common behaviors in the United States may be interpreted by different cultures.

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