Banking Fundamentals (ABA)


Develop a New Generation of Bankers
In today’s banking industry, choosing and developing your new talent matters. Providing effective onboarding and ongoing professional development is increasingly important to your employees’ performance and ultimately, your bank’s bottom line.

Enter Banking Fundamentals—an online suite of learning communities that teach the principles of banking in a convenient, virtual format. Designed to educate, develop and engage new employees in a connected, collaborative, social and online environment, with the coaching and guidance of experts.

Banking Fundamentals At-a-Glance:
• Featuring industry-leading content and skilled banking instructors, so learners gain an understanding of the context of their role.
• A suite of three, innovative learning experiences that explore the complex principles of banking through peer collaboration, in-depth discussions, real-world assignments and engaging multi-media resources.
• Continuous engagement and collaboration, with access anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of their own computer or device. Each course takes roughly five weeks to complete at a pace of one to two hours per week.

Featured Courses:
The Banking Industry: An essential introduction to banking, informs, prepares, inspires and motivates new bankers as they embark on their new careers.

Bank Lines of Business: A comprehensive review of banking products and services develops an understanding of how banks continually innovate to serve customers’ needs.


Building Customer Relationships: Provides strategies for creating and maintaining strong bank customer and partner relationships, building critical relationship management skills that are essential to successful banking careers

Why make Banking Fundamentals a central component of your bank’s onboarding and professional development process?

• The ABA Advantage – content you can trust
• Short, Effective Learning Units – high impact and high engagement
• Dynamic Learning Communities – collaborative learning
• Intuitive Interface – designed for today’s learning best practices
• Convenience and Flexibility – flexible and online.
The new bankers entering your workforce value professional development. Investing in Banking Fundamental s will set them up for a productive and successful career in your institution.

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