Effective Referrals Suite (ABA)


This suite of two courses and one exercise module* explores the Effective Referral Model for recognizing, responding to, and revisiting referrals. Completing this suite provides tactics for identifying clues about financial needs and connecting them to appropriate products and services. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.
*Only available as a suite

• The Referral Process
Guides you through connecting client-provided clues about financial needs to products and services using the Effective Referral Model. Create opportunities for building client relationships by identifying appropriate resources and guiding clients to them.

• Making Referrals
Guides you through introducing solutions and gauging interest in them. Uncover ways to establish a connection between the client and the appropriate specialist or resource. Gain insight into revisiting referrals to improve sales performance.

• Effective Referrals – Apply What You’ve Learned
Practice connecting clues about needs to products and services using the Effective Referral Mode

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